about mgh

Our mission is to provide proficient and quality services ensuring our clients succeed in their goals.

MGH Enterprises, Inc. (MGH) was incorporated September, 1989 in the state of California. MGH’s executive staff has over 120 years experience in various disciplines in telecommunications. MGH is a full service company providing all facets of telecommunications project management, engineering, permit acquisitions, records drafting, computer aided design, publishing, aerial & underground construction, horizontal directional boring and inspection services to the industry.

MGH keeps a full time staff of eight Project Management, OSP Engineering and Inspection professionals. Many of our individuals are skilled in more than one of these disciplines and will stay with the same project in more than one role. We are, however, fully capable of and have in the past recruited larger temporary staffs for special projects or seasonal demands. MGH is fluid enough to be able to fashion our staff and manpower resources to our customer’s needs. We have a history of meeting our commitments (deadlines and staffing, etc.), but value most, our reputation for quality, proficiency and saving our customers valuable expense dollars. We meet the goals of our customers, time after time.

Our Disaster Response Unit is ready to respond to mother natures tricks, should you need emergency response teams of line crews, splicers, installers, engineers, processors our team will assemble in short order to assist you in the recovery.

Some of our customers include; AT&T, Frontier Communications, US West, SBC Communications, PG&E, Time Warner, Williams Fiber Services, North Valley Graphics Inc., ITC Service Group, Inc., Continental Cable, Viacom Cable & Comcast.

Our current service area is everything west of the Mississippi River to the Pacific Ocean including Alaska and Hawaii however; we have the ability to perform our services anywhere in the world.

Our corporate status, insurance, credit references, licenses and project performance references are available per request.